To know more about the dream analysis

How to start ? How long last a dream analysis ? What about the interpretation ?

Engaging in a dream session

There are 3 steps :

- step one, you're reading your dream as you've written it

- step two, we're questionning the different images and aspects of your dream. This questionning time is essential to deciphe your dream thereby giving all the time necessary.  

- step three is devoted to the interpretation

How to start ?

Choose a dream that question you the most. You may only have one dream, that's a good start ! If you have too many dreams, I invite you to pick up the most recent one.

I only remember one image, one sentence of my dream. Is it enough for a session? 

One image only can have a very deep meaning. Any dream (image, short or long sentence) is a message from your inconsciouness. It's very precious for your dream analysis process. 

I have too many dreams. Which one to pick up ?

I invite you to choose the more recent one or the one who questions you the most. 

How to know if the interpretation is correct ?

The interpretation is offered to you and not imposed on you. The interpretation doesn't pretend to be The Truth. To be fair, to reveal the closest sens, it should speak to you and be like an "écho" to you. 

You're welcome to speak open with the analyst, to question, to tell any doubts you may have, not to hesitate to exchange about your dream.

How many days are there between two sessions ?

There's no set time between sessions, it's according to your need and possibilities. But please consider that it's important to follow through and so to be regular.

For example, you can choose to do one or two sessions a week at the beginning, that will become spaced out. There's no obligation, the dream work is specific to each individual.

How long last a dream analysis ?

One session last 1h30 to 2h. Then if you wish to continue, the process of dream analysis is different for each person. There's no rule. Usually the end of a analysis is announced in the dream itself.

Can I stop anytime ?

You are entirely free to stop your analyse whenever you want. It's the basic foundation of the relation between the analyst and the dreamer.