3 little things to remember your dream

We all dream but how to remember clearly what the dream was about ?...There are several ways that can hep you :

1srt : Your will and intention.

Your intention to remember is very important. Tell yourself that you want to remember your dream. It's a kind of mental affirmation. You may not be successfull the first time but it's good to persevere. And of course, prepare a pencil and a piece of paper so you don't have to get up to write down and see your dream flies away...

2nd : Emerging...

While you're emerging from your sleep, try not to move and then try to recollect the images of your dream. You're starting to remember. Even if you only have an image, it's a good start !

3th: Writing

Then don't change your position in the bed and write everything you can remember...Sometimes one image only is quite talkative !

Soon enough, we'll be amazed to remember clearly your dreams !!