Understanding your dreams

The dream way...

A psychologic and spiritual healing

Even if we don't remember them - or not always -  we all dream each night. And each night, dreams are delivering a message. They are like open doors to our unconscious. They allow us to understand what's happening in our life without the filter of our own ego. They offer us another point of view, sometimes very surprising, far from what we would have thought about our situation. They give us the possibility of a transformation for our best..

If they reveal the origine of our difficulties and pains, they always offer a possibility of change. Step by step, our psyche get rid of what blocks us , and make us suffer.

From dream to dream, we discover the existence of a power of life inside our psyche which tends to create harmony in our life, opening to the spiritual dimension of humain beings. 

Dreaming is a daily access to a kindly guidance. We just have to collect the dream and contemplate it. I'll be please to offer you my help to understand their message...

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A deep way to heal !

An individual dream session runs through 3 steps:

- first we welcome the dream you have received without judgement, preconception or hurried analysis. You read it as you have wrote it.


- after the reading,  there's a time to question the different images of the dream. Each aspect of your dream can be very important. This questioning time is essential to understand it, so we need to take the time that it requires...

- then we can understand the dream. I will propose you an interpretation. This interpretation should "speak to you" and create an echo in your life. You'll always have the last word during a dream session, always...

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at evecardonnet@gmail.com, i'll be please to answer you.  



Individual session: 1h30 to 2 hours 

65£ / session

​if you wish to engage into a dream analysis and having some financial difficulties, don't let money hold you back and do not hesitate to contact me.


A good introduction to dream interpretation

If you want to discover the dream analysis and the oneiric world, workshops are organised for a small group of people. 

Each person can bring a short dream that we will contemplate and interpretate. 

It's a nice and easy way to understand how dreams are guiding us.


Dream Session for group : 3 hours 

20£ / person

Subscription 06 774 772 74, limited number of participants


When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate

Carl Gustav JUNG

 "Le Self sends us some dreams to guide us. At the collective level, storytells have the same role." 


Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Gustav JUNG

Eve Cardonnet

Jungian Dream Analyst

Certified Dream Analyst - Ecole du rêve et des profondeurs

Member of the Symbolic Psychanalyst Association 

Master in  Arts - University of Paris 8
BA in law - University of Montpellier 1

"Inside each and everyone,
there is a power of life who helps us to heal,
to create an harmony in our lives.
This inner healer is the true analyst"

My name is Eve. I was born in France with two mediterranean background cultures : the heritage of Cataluna and France. 

I lived a life of dance, a passion that became my profession and it has served me well for the last 20 years. My interest in people and culture other than my own led me to travel quite a lot and live abroad (USA, Egypt). I have always been interested in the calling of different culture and their therapeutic approach (gestalt therapy, shamanism, psychogenealogy, psycho-body analysis, rebirth, biokynesiology, meditation and dream analysis). This interest leads me to the jungian dream interpretation. It has helped me to cure my own ancestral pains without the interference of my own inflated ego. I found serenity and a beautiful way, the dream way.

Today, i'm very happy to assist you in that dream path of your true self and to help you to understand their messages. 

I continue to work on my personal dreams. I'm engaged in  a supervision jungian group, essential condition to be a jungian dream analyst. 




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